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 African Mathematical Union (AMU)

The AMU was founded during the first Pan African Congress of Mathematicians, which took place in Rabat, Morocco in July 1976. Its creation had been prepared during several meetings of African mathematicians that took place in France, Senegal, Canada, Ghana, Morocco and Côte d’Ivoire during the early 1970s.

The AMU defined as its mission to coordinate and to promote the quality of teaching, research and outreach activities in all areas of mathematical sciences throughout Africa. Advancing mathematical research and education includes efforts and contributions towards the economic, social and cultural development of the continent. Moreover, the AMU aims at stimulating active cooperation among African mathematicians and, more broadly, with African scientists and engineers. The AMU is eager to collaborate with other scientific organizations inside and outside Africa pursuing similar goals.

Aware of the importance of science, technology and innovation for the socio-economic development of African nation, the new strategy of AMU consists of the development of mathematics that can impact critical sectors of the economy and the initiation of a fruitful collaboration with industry and business world.