Brief history of PAMES

The first Pan-African Mathematical Space (EMPA) was held  in Hammamet, Tunisia,  in November 2006. Its theme was “Innovation in Mathematics Education” and its aims were to promote as many as possible exchanges on the teaching of mathematics within the African mathematical community, to strengthen existing cooperation, to create and develop new ones and to bridge the gap between generations of teachers and trainers. The program of this first edition of EMPA included numerous conferences and workshops and emphasized the interest of new technologies for the renovation and development of mathematics education in Africa.

A second EMPA conference was held in Hammamet in November 2008 on the same theme. The programs of each day were varied, alternating conferences, round tables and workshops. The EMPA 2008 dealt with issues of teaching, training, interdisciplinarity  and scientific culture in general. Many African experienced in mathematics education have been shared and discussed. We can mention the Tunisian experience of distance education (Tunis Virtual University). Similar approaches have been developed in Europe.

A workshop focused on a community of practice: the example of twenty classes of the same academy, working and exchanging ideas on the same mathematical problem, previously defined, raised questions. For example how to adapt modern means of communication to innovate in the teaching of mathematics?

A project to set up an African digital mathematics area, was defined by all the actors and  AMU-CMEA was invited to work and reflect on this project.