Main objective of the 3rd PAMES

The Conference aims  to bring together African and international leading academic scientists,  researchers and research scholar  to exchange and share their experiences and research results in Mathematics Education at all levels and on the professional development of teachers of Mathematics.

It provides a platform for policy makers, top managers, researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the latest findings, trends and concerns, such as the challenges and practical solutions found in improving the quality of teaching and mathematics professionals in Africa and out of Africa, and their consequences for the scientific and technological development of their countries.

The repercussions of the organization of the Pan-African Mathematics Education Space are numerous and vital for the promotion of teaching, research for the development of mathematical culture and, in general, for scientific culture,

Among them we highlight the following:

1. Shared understanding of African experiences in the education and development of mathematics professionals in order to obtain collaboration.

2. Obtaining lessons and shared experiences on the strengthening of teaching methodologies and preparation of mathematics professionals.

3. Learn about successful experiences in teaching and research in Mathematics Education and the FUTURE SCHOLL.

4. Show  the interest of developing the mathematical culture component through the establishment of clubs and the organization of championships and competitions in mathematical and olympic games, from kindergarten.

5. Encourage associative movements in Mathematics and other organizations such as the International Mathematical Games Committee (ICMG) and Kanguru Without Borders (KFS), to work with the African Mathematics Union to improve standards and scores of students participating in Olympics or international tests (TIMMS and PISA)

6. Create a publication of the Pan-Africa Mathematic Education Spaces.